They can't touch us, or what we have


you are more important to me than anything

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first scene vs. last scene

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Behind the scene..

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Can we talk about Sarabi for a moment? Because it seems as though many people underestimate/forget about her. Which is a pity.

Because this is one BAMF lion.

Her husband is dead. Her son is supposedly dead. Her husband’s brother brought hyenas into the Pride Lands and they ultimately destroyed the land.

And yet she does not look down. She does not dip her head. She stands her ground as she walks down a long line of ravaging hyenas who bite and leer at her. She keeps her head high. Even as she faces Scar, she ultimately keeps her head high and even tells Scar off.


All hail the goddamn Queen of Pride Rock




Well well, long time no see…

Maybe you didn’t miss me at all but I missed a whole bunch of you!

A little reminder if you’re wondering who the hell this person is ;)

My name is Angela but some of my friends know/call me Keiko or Fanren (and recently, some new friends call me Angie). Formerly known also as animalklaine and its-over-now. I turned 26 this month! I’m from Chile, and I studied Political Science, so expect some political-related stuff around here, specially now that I’m working for the Chilean state as part of the diplomatic service! (part of the reason why I haven’t been very active the last couple of months)

BUT. This tumblr exists basically and mostly because I’m a hardcore Klainer. I love Kurt and Blaine and Kurt&Blaine like I love music and food. Also, CrissColfer. After all this time? ALWAYS.

I also like other stuff. Stay around for a while and you’ll see.

So, what I’ve been up to?

As I said, I’m extremely busy with work. The stress levels are higher than fucking Pluto right now, but I still wanted to be around because I missed my fellow Klainers/CrissColfer shippers and their craziness. Also, the main reason why I disappeared was because I didn’t want to read any more spoilers for the rest of Glee’s fifth season. And now that the season is done, well… I’m back

please let’s not talk about how this might be the last season please thank you

So, now you remember me. Now, about this tumblr:

I have enough bullshit to deal with on a daily basis, so my tumblr is my happy place. I don’t have enough goodness in my heart anymore to deal with bullshit online. I know what I like and what I don’t like. I have a very long and strong Black List. I tag pretty much everything I post. I don’t go around looking for shit I don’t like to pick up fights or make a point of bothering other fandoms or ships, and I expect the same from other people (I know, I’m an idealist). I don’t have a track tag. My ask box is open to everyone, and (almost) everyone gets an answer.

That’s it, thank for reading this very long post.